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Lin Ketong Makes a Cool Wave

During the World Cup 2010 in South Afria, the online celebrity Lin Ketong (林柯彤, also known as Little Dragon Girl Tongtong "小龙女彤彤") shot a set of hot soccer-themed photos to support Italians, which has smashingly given netizens a nose bleed. (Read here.) Recenly, Tongtong updated her blog at Sina ( with a new photoshoot dressed in black-strips pyjamas, and made a cool wave online this time.
Pretty Girl Lin Ketong Cheers for Italian Soccer Team

The online celebrity Lin Ketong (林柯彤, or 小龙女彤彤) also joined the Italian "camp" as a soccer babe to support and cheer for the defending champion Italy. With her incontrovertible pretty and popularity, Tong Tong is no doubt the focus of the netizens again. No matter how far the Italian soccer team will go in the World Cup this time, Tong Tong will always be the hot
Top Online Celebrities Dressed in Custom Made Football Uniforms Grace L’officiel Hommes

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup drawing near, besides the passionate games, sweet bear, and the bars that open 24 hours a day we can feel now, another special "landscape" we football fans can feast eyes on is the graceful football babies for each National Team. This issue of L’OFFICIEL HOMMES (for men only) invited three top online celebrities: Zhang Xinyu (张馨予), Lin Ketong (林柯彤),