Young student couple caught having sex in the classroom

In last hot summer, two post-90s students, from College of Light Industry, Hebei Polytechnic University ( 河北理工大学), took advantage of few minutes when the other students and teachers were away for noon break, to have sex in the empty classroom.

The young couple enjoyed themselves in love-making, and totally ignored there was a camera in the classroom (for videotaping the teachers’ lectures) that was catching them.

Check out the expression on the couple’s faces below after they noticed there was a camera.

This 15-minute long video clip was leaked onto the Internet by the student who was just siting on duty in the camera monitor and control room that day. The young love birds’ bold behavior has provoked heavy criticisms online, and it is believed they would not be comfortable in the school too after becoming famous!

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2 Responses to Young student couple caught having sex in the classroom

  1. Actlikeaman says:

    please kindly send that video to my email which is thankyou

  2. Meiyingsex says:

    The secret love making turned out to be broadcast live! The camera was focusing them, and the student who was on duty in the camera monitoring room was actually watching them performing LIVE!

    You can download the video here:

    Download address 1:
    Download address 2:
    Download address 3:


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