Yan Fengjiao’s Hot Photos Leaked

The controversial dating show “If You’re the One / Don’t Disturb If Not Sincere (非诚勿扰)” of Jiangsu Satellite TV Station has made the girls like Ma Yimi (马伊咪), Ma Nuo (马诺), Zhu Zhenfang (朱真芳) famous… The program is even seen as an idols show, rather than the dating show, because the good looking girls at the show are comparable to those idols from the talent shows like Super Girl.

Recently, another girl, named Yan Fengjiao (闫凤娇), attracted many followers, with her lovely and sweet appearance and good incomes (as a make-up stylist). As an old saying goes, tall trees catch much wind. When netizens find interests in you, they will make something about you. So, it is not a surprise that Yan Fengjiao is now embroiled in sexy photos gate.

Here is the story: A set of photos of a girl, who is wearing lace trimmed underwear only, recently was circulated on the Internet. Since the girl resembles Yan Fengjiao in look, netizens claimed that she is Yan. And since these photos were taken in the bathroom, it was called Yan’s Bathroom Sexy Photos Gate!

21-year-old Yan Fengjiao was ever a model on the cover of Rayli magazine, and now is an experienced make up artist. She became famous after attending the dating show “If You’re the One”. And the girl on these sexy photos, who though was said to be Yan Fengjiao, has not yet been identified.

Ma Yimi

Ma Nuo

Yan Fengjiao

Yan Fengjiao’s Profile:
Name: Yan Fengjiao 闫凤姣
Date of Brith: 1989-06-24
Place of Birth: Yanbian, Jilin
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 167cm
Measurements: 75 59 86
Specialties: Writing
Hobbies: Surf online, read, draw, listen to music, and write

Source: zynews

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3 Responses to Yan Fengjiao’s Hot Photos Leaked

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  2. jefflee says:

    Yan Fengjiao has confirmed the girl in the photos is her, and released a statement to the public that she has filed the case to the police, after more of her nude photos were uploaded and spread online. Check out the news and pictures here: http://www.chinabuzz.net/buzz/yan-fengjiao-says-she-was-coerced-to-take-nude-photos-of-herself/

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