Woman stripped in public after being caught stealing

Woman stripped in public after being caught stealing

A woman thief was stripped after being caught of stealing an iPhone from an apparel shop at a shopping mall in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province on April 24.

According to the shop owner, when she and her friend (who stopped by her shop that day) were busy serving the customers, a 20-something woman thief walked away a black iPhone that the shop owner’s friend put aside on a table.

When they realized the phone was stolen, they stormed out the shop to chase the thief immediately, who attempted to run away from them.

Thanks to the help from nearby shop owners, the woman was finally caught. But unexpectedly, a crowd of shop owners rushed up to the woman, and started cutting her hair and clothes until she was almost naked from the waist up, even though the woman kept begging that she was pregnant and had financial difficulties.

The local police were later called in and took away the woman.

But masses of web users online denounced the shop owners’ act to abuse the woman thief.

Source: ifeng & MayDaily

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7 Responses to Woman stripped in public after being caught stealing

  1. Jackfancy says:

    Yeah, respect those thieves, consider their human rights and show potential other thieves that it’s really not that bad to get caught.

  2. Markoff says:

    ah so she is pregnant so she has immunity against law right? one more reason why to educate her by cutting hair and strip her naked, that will teach her to steal other people’s property

    • Thom L says:

      Public shaming to a thief is a violation against human rights.
      why the abuse teaches her to steal other people’s property?

      • Markoff says:

        she had right to not steal, that’s when she lost her rights voluntarily, I don’t see as such big disruption of rights few cutted hair and stripping clothes, especially if she is really pregnant and immune against chinese police (same as breastfeeding women)

        • Thom L says:

          She was stripped toppess, dude.
          She was not immune from Chinese police, even she was pregnant. Besides, citizens could not replace law enforcement personnels to hurt her.

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