Sex worker provides sex service to 13-year-old boy

Sex worker provides sex service to teen boy

A 13-year-old boy visited a prostitute?

Recently, Ms. Chen reported to police that her son was given a sex service by a sex worker, when he was bathing at a bath center with her in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province.

Ms. Chen said she and her husband took their 13-year-old son to the Yalongwang Bath Center of Yangguang Hotel at around 6 p.m. on July 30 to enjoy bathing there. Later her husband left the place first for his work, leaving the boy, Pengpeng, alone at the men’s area, while she stayed in the women’s area separately.

When Pengpeng relaxed himself in the lounge after bathing, a waiter approached him to ask whether he needed the massage service. Pengpeng thought the massage service was included in the bathing service of the center, he agreed and followed the waiter to a room upstairs.

Unexpectedly, several minutes later, a woman came into the room, and took all her clothes off to lie on the bed directly after asking Pengpeng something. The teen boy could not resist that, and had sex with the sex worker.

Pengpeng did not tell this matter to his mother for being embarrassed, until Ms. Chen found there was an additional service that costed her 198 yuan more when paying the bill and chased to ask the boy.

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