Professor Kong Qingdong scolds Hong Kongers after Hong Kong MRT incident

Kong Qingdong, Hong Kong MTR incident

On January 19, 2012, foul mouth Professor of Peking University Kong Qingdong (孔庆东), who self claimed himself the 73rd generation descendant of Confucius, responded to the recent incident that took place on a subway train in Hong Kong between Mainland tourists and the local residents, in an online show (孔和尚有话说) by the website, scolding that many Hong Kong people were bastards and dogs.

The MTR fight in Hong Kong started when a tourist woman letting her kid eat on the subway train, and a Hong Kong man demanded an apology from them, which drew others in both sides to join in and quarrel. And at the end, the Hong Kong man said in Cantonese (Guangdong dialect) that “no need to speak to them, that’s what mainlanders are like,” making many netizens from Mainland pissed, accusing Hong Kongers of having sense of superiority, though some others took a neutral stand for the both sides.

Kong Qingdong said in the show that, Chinese people do not have the obligation to learn other dialects, but having the obligation to learn Mandarin. So, the Hong Kongers who don’t speak Mandarin are bastards, and are dogs too since they used to be running dogs of British colonists for too long.

Kong Qingdong continued by arguing that the travellers from Mainland contributed a lot to Hong Kong’s tourism, and that because Hong Kong replies on the strict law and legal system to govern the region, it suggests its citizens have low quality too.

Kong Qingdong’s insane remarks immediately received heavy criticism and denouncement from people in both Hong Kong and Mainland.

Kong Qingdong was known for his constant promotion of unreasonable hatred and violence to the public, and his political stance of supporting North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong-il. Many netizens have demanded Peking University to dismiss Kong. This time the reaction to Kong’s remarks was even stronger.

Check out the following video from, showing Kong Qingdong talked insanely to the Hong Kong MTR incident.

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8 Responses to Professor Kong Qingdong scolds Hong Kongers after Hong Kong MRT incident

  1. Paul Kyl says:

    Perhaps, mainlanders are still a notch below socially acceptable behavioral standards the world over. That does not diminish Hong Kongers as a bunch of brazen narcissists, lecturing and hectoring mainlanders at will but cowering in shame and fawning over Westerners who spit in their faces.

    Listen up, Hongkongers , having a white complex does not make you white !

  2. YumCha says:

    I don’t agree with him totally but his not wrong in certain aspect about Hongkies.

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  6. oov8 says:

    If he is truely the descendant of our great philosopher Confucius, Confucius would be angry enough to come back to his life immediately and take Kong together with him back to his tomb.

  7. oov8 says:

    It is really a shame. He sounded like a dog instead!


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