Policewoman receives attack when making discriminatory remarks against sex workers

Policewoman receives attack when making discriminatory remarks against sex workers

Recently, a policewoman from Jiangxi province received a storm of attack from netizens for making discriminatory remarks against sex workers on Sina Weibo, which ultimately forced her to close her account.

The incident started when a netizen tweeted a video showing two naked sex trade workers cried when questioned by police on Sina Weibo, which soon aroused indigniation among the netizens dennouncing that the police officers were actually more shameless than the whoremongers as it was an assault too wihtout covering the naked girls up while questioning them.

The policewoman, nicknamed 女警薇博, read the entry too one day, and defended the police by criticising the sex workers, “Now you knew to cry in front of the police, why did not you cry before your clients?

The discriminatory remarks immediately triggered an onslaught of the negative comments from netizens against her on her Weibo account.

The overwhelmed policewoman made apologies the following days, but many netizens did not let it go and even dug out her old photos showing that she was carrying luxury products such as LV and Chanel bags while travelling.

Under the pressure, the policeowman eventually deleted almost all of her posts, removed off her verification (as a policewoman), and changed her account name as well.

Reporters later reached the public security bureau in Ganxian county, Jiangxi province, where the woman was serving. They said they have started investigating into the case, but the policewoman was not avaible as she has turned off her mobile phone for too much pressure.

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