North Korean girls work as performers and waitresses in China

North Korean girls work as performers and waitresses in China

Under the labor deal signed between North Korea and China, over 30 beautiful North Korean girls were exported to a China’s rich village, Huaxi Village, to work as performers and waitresses there.

These girls are among the first batch of North Korean laborers that earlier reports said North Korea had sent to China (to raise the cash for the regime) after their dear leader Kim Jong-Un seized power.

Aside from serving as waitresses in the Longxi Hotel International, a lavish hotel in the affluent Huaxi village, the girls, all in their 20s, mainly perform singing and dancing to entertain customers.

Their salary is about 6,000 yuan a month for each person. But according to the labor deal, Huaxi village has to pay all the earnings to the North Korean regime directly instead. Each of the girls can only take about 150 yuan a month then.

The North Korean girls are warmly welcomed by the local residents of Huaxi village. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they are virtuous and educated (graduating from North Korean colleges).

Many residents have said if the policies allow, they are willing to make friends with the girls, and even propose to them. But the girls are not allowed to have a relationship, or use the Internet and mobile phones here. They have to be loyal and return back to the country after three years.

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