News reporter forced to resign after reporting corruption in Xi’an

News reporter forced to resign after reporting corruption

A Xi’an Evening News reporter has been fired, after he ran a story exposing that a county party secretary was spotted at a conference (to bestow elder party members in poverty) with a pack of infamously expensive cigarettes “Nanjing 95 Imperial (南京九五至尊)”.

It triggered a huge wave of public anger over the official’s “Imperial” power, when the incident was widespread on China’s online space.

The county’s top official ever made a response to the sensitive report, saying that there were only three sticks in the pack when a village head handed to him, and that he was not aware the cigarettes are this expensive.

But, why were they so hasty to force the reporter to resign?

As of now, the reporter’s superiors have not come forward with any reasons for dismissing him.

The luxury cigarettes have been growing fast in China like luxury liquor, mainly because the country’s corrupt political and social systems have provided the hotbed for them. The luxury cigarettes are usually used to curry favor with government officials.

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