New tainted milk scandal: Cancer-causing toxin found in infant formula in Guangzhou

New tainted milk scandal: Cancer-causing toxin found in infant formula in Guangzhou

A cancer-causing toxin has been found in five batches of Nanshan Bywise infant formula milk powder, a brand under Hunan AVA Dairy Co., by authorities in Guangzhou, capital of south China’s Guangdong province, according to state-run Xinhua news agency.

It is another contaminated milk scandal just weeks after China’s top dairy producer Yili was detected with mercury-tainted baby formula in this June. But the good thing is, Chinese government seems to have started increasing their safety scrutiny in the country’s scandal-ridden milk industry.

In a statement published by the Guangzhou Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau, the five problem batches of formula products, which were produced between July and December last year in central China’s Hunan province, failed sample tests for aflatoxin.

Alfatoxin is a substance deriving from a type of fungus that can grow on hay or grains. It can cause severe liver damage or cancer, and is considered as one of the most carcinogenic substances.

The authority has ordered retailers to suspend sales of the products. On Monday, the AVA Dairy company issued an apology over the incident to the public too and explained that the source of the aflatoxin contamination was due to cows eating moldy feed.

But, aflatoxin contamination is technically easy to test. Doesn’t the milk producer have the duty to test for it before the finished products enter the market?

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