Man hijacks woman in a bid to meet public security bureau chief

Man hijacks woman for meeting with public security bureau chief

At around 13:30 p.m., July 18, a man seized a woman as a hostage, and put her down on the ground by using a shard of glass, in front of a passenger station in Cangzhou city, Hebei province.

The topless man, 25 years old, chased after the woman when finding her stepping out of the passenger station, according to eyewitnesses. The woman was then caught and wrestled down to the ground on a street.

By sitting on top of the victim, the offender holding a glass shard shouted to the people, “don’t come close,” and “I want to meet the head of the public security bureau.”

The victim was struggling on the ground with blood all over her hands and face, while more and more passers by stopped and watched.

On receiving the report, the local police arrived later. They controlled the traffic, and started to talk with the offender. But the efforts failed, as the man insisted to ask for meeting with the bureau chief first.

But ultimately, the offender was still subdued as the officers seized the chance when talking with him. The hostage was saved too and rushed to the hospital for treatments.

The local police later said in an interview that the offender was mentally unstable. “Possible because he was tired of long journey, and the weather was hot, the man had an illusion that some one wanted to kill him,” explained an officer upon why the offender took the victim as his hostage and wanted to meet the leader.

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