Ma Ying-jeou is in awe of Han Han

Ma Ying-jeou meets Han Han

May 3, popular blogger and car ricer Han Han visited Taiwan for a forum with another 14 business heavyweights, including Innovation Works chairman Kai-Fu Lee.

Taiwan region’s leader Ma Ying-jeou welcomed the guests from the other side of Taiwan Strait at his Office in Taipei on the day.

When meeting up with Han Han, Ma Ying-jeou shook his hands for five long seconds, and then said, “I’ve long been looking forward to seeing you.”

A smiling Han suddenly didn’t know what to say, but everyone else in the room burst into laughter.

Han Han (韩寒) is an influential post-80s Opinion Leader in China, and possibly the most popular blogger in the world. He was ever nominated for “World’s Most Influential People in 2010″ by Time.

That was Han Han’s first visit to Taiwan. It was said that he had not brought along any suits for his trip and had to borrow one before meeting Ma Ying-jeou. Interesting!

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