Huili County government makes an apology on the PSed Photo incident

In Huili County (会理县), Sichuan Province, the government’s official website published a piece of news that the County’s leaders paid an inspection visit to the newly built road extending to the villages, with a photo too showing Head of the County, Vice Head of the County and a technical expert discussing something on the road.

The photo was soon noticed by the netizens as a fake and photoshopped photo, because the three persons were not standing on the road, but floating over the road. Check out the screenshot from Huili County government’s website:

The caption reads,
Li Ningyi, Head of the County (2nd from left), Tang Xiaobing, Vice Head of the County (1st from left), were inspecting the newly built road to countries in Lihong country

It stirred heated discussions after the matter was exposed to Tianya, one of Chinese biggest forums, in the evening of June 26.

In order to prevent the incident from escalating, the County’s government registered a Sina microblog account in the afternoon of June 27, to make a clarification and apology to the public.

Later the staff who made this photo also published a statement to make an apology. He shared the original photo on Sina microblog, and said that since the background of the original photo was not good he then cut three of them onto a better background to show the public a new and better road.

Huili County government’s fast response to the incident has earned the praise from many netizens. But still netizens liked to make fun of the matter by posting various PSed photos to show that the County’s leaders have been to different places to make inspection visits. Check out the photos below.

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