Fried chicken restaurant replaces OFC with UFO, concerning possible trademark infringement

A couple of days ago, a KFC lookalike restaurant, called OFC, was spotted in Beijing, sparking heated discussions online. The signboard of the restaurant also shows the picture of the US. President Obama in bow tie same as KFC’s Colonel Sanders, so OFC is read as “Obama Fried Chicken”. In response to the matter, KFC stated they would consider the legal actions against the restaurant because it infringed on their trademark.

Interestingly, in order to avoid the trouble, the three owners of the restaurant, who are the college students of Beijing City College, decided to change “OFC” to “UFO” instead, but keep the picture of President Obama.

The young owners of the restaurant replaced “OFC” with “UFO”.

“We are afraid of getting involved in lawsuit too,” said Zhu Bao, one of the owners, adding that he liked designing and thought that it was creative to use the name “OFC” and President Obama’s picture. They started to realize it could cause trouble, only after they learned the British newspaper Daily Mail made a report about it.

Regarding whether it has infringed on KFC’s trademark, the young owners consulted the relevant authorities. Though they were not given a clear reply, they still decided to change the name to avoid the trouble.

Zhu Bao said he’s been working part time at a fried chicken restaurant, and he planed to start a business himself before. He then found two of his classmates to open this restaurant together. But since they did not have enough money to invest on the business, the restaurant was just simply equipped. They would like to start off from takeaway services.

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  3. Augis says:

    And what is the meaning of UFO abbreviation? (U… Fried Obama)?


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