Beijing citizens show love and bravery facing deadly downpour

Beijing citizens show love and bravery facing deadly downpour

Sina Weibo plays a vital role to Beijing residents in self rescuing, when the heaviest downpour hit Chinese capital in 61 years, which has claimed the lives of 37 people as of Saturday.

Through China’s twitter-like Weibo, Chinese netizens organized voluntarily to offer help to the stranded people by the flood. Many who have received the help tweeted that they were picked up by private cars for free.

From the pictures spread on Weibo, the volunteers who gave free rides spontaneously turned on the hazard lights on the roads, forming a spectacular image in the disaster!

Besides, many local residents have openly posted their home addresses and phone numbers on their Weibo accounts, too, to share their apartments and foods to people in need, in the risk of inviting troubles from those having evil intentions.

Beijing citizens’ love and bravery have moved Chinese people across China.

A Weibo user @奇新闻 said, “In the heavy rainfall yesterday night, Beijing citizens voluntarily organized to give free rides to stranded passengers in the airport, while the toll gate of the airport was still meticulous in collecting the toll fees. Foot massage places offered food and lodgings for free, while all the public centers in Beijing were closed. Sina Weibo kept updating information of the disaster, while news agencies were forbidden to give reports of hazards caused. Private cars picked up trapped strangers on the roads, while local traffic cops gave packing tickets to cars broken down on the roads due to the flood for parking violations. It was what happened yesterday night.

China’s poor drainage system and corrupt political system became the target on the Internet as well.

No officials would pay their attention to the projects such as the drainage system which would not show their achievements (which are important for their future promotions). And they would eat up the allocated funds from higher authorities when constructing such projects.

A netizen lashed, it’s not a natural disaster but a man-made one, and none of officials would ever be held accountable.

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