12 rail lines found with quality defects, including 7 in use

12 rail lines found with quality defects, including 7 in use

Twelve rail lines in China were found with quality defects during the routine inspections, according to a document circulating inside of the ministry of railways recently exposed.

Seven of the 12 lines have been put into service, including Yongtaiwen Railway where two high-speed trains travelling on fatally collided in the suburbs of Wenzhou city on July 23, 2011 killing at least 40 people.

The other five lines are still under construction, and several have been suspended now.

Anonymous experts were quoted as saying that the defects might threaten railway safety. For example, cracks on the railway tunnel’s arch could cause concrete chunks to break off when a high-speed train passes, destroying the train’s power supply equipment.

Obviously, corruption was involved as senior officials of the ministry helped construction companies to bid for the railway projects illegally as a payoff, and the contractors made big illegal profits from the projects by building with shabby quality.

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